R-BIBSI Biopsychosocial Assessment

Rein Brief Integrative<br /><br /> Biopsychosocial Assessment
Rein Brief Integrative
Biopsychosocial Screening Instrument

The purpose of this mixed-methods applied study was to develop a reliable, valid, and clinically useful brief integrative biopsychosocial assessment screening instrument (R-BIBSI) to investigate influences of alcohol abuse and dependence in college age students. The R-BIBSI is a 30-item, non-diagnostic, brief screening tool developed to aid drug and alcohol treatment professionals in treatment planning for persons experiencing substance abuse or dependence. The R-BIBSI is easily be scored by clinical or non-clinical staff to assess six constructs of alcohol use influence: Biological Influence, Psychological Internally Expressed Influence, Psychological Externally Expressed Influence, Social Family Influence, Social Peer/Work Environmental Influence, and Social Cultural Influence. Item reduction processes included a think-aloud form of cognitive interviewing, predictive validity testing utilizing independent samples t-test, and exploratory factor analysis. Validation and reliability testing for the BIBSI field-test utilized a convenience sample of 63 college age students.

Biopsychosocial Assessment

The R-BIBSI can be an extremely useful tool, especially for raising awareness of a client’s biopsychosocial influences to help guide the therapeutic conversation. The R-BIBSI can also be utilized as a valuable method for addiction counselor training.

Please contact me for more information on access and utilization of the R-BIBSI.

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