MusiCares® Musicians Group Substance Abuse Therapy

Rein Therapeutic offers MusiCares® Musicians Group Substance Abuse Therapy
Rein Therapeutic Substance Abuse Counseling and Consulting is proud to host a weekly Musicians and Music Industry Professionals Group Substance Abuse Therapy. This support group meets on Wednesday’s from 6pm – 7pm at the RTCC office located at 724 Whalers Way, #H102 Fort Collins, CO

Substance abuse in the music business is an occupationally related hazard.
If you are wondering what it might be like to perform without using substances or if you are in recovery and wish to provide support for yourself and others, then you are welcome to attend our substance abuse Fort Collins counseling sessions.

Here’s a little about the group and the group process:

Purpose of the Musicians Recovery Support Group:
The purpose of this group is to provide support and encouragement to musicians who are in recovery or seeking to be in recovery from substance use, to discuss how to best cope with the issues surrounding the recovery process, and to create a community of musicians that can learn from each other’s experiences in overcoming the challenges that arose before, during, and after their difficulties with substance use.

About Support/Process Groups:
The experience you have in a support/process group can be very different than what you experience in a self-help group. Since many people in recovery have had at least some experience with AA or NA 12-step groups, the atmosphere can be a little unsettling….this is a normal reaction. You may have never experienced a group of this nature. It’s also important to know that discussion of the 12-steps and all types of recovery experience is welcome.
Support/Process Groups rely on a having a safe environment where members can share openly about their lives. Trust, commitment, and genuine caring of members for one another are important dynamics for this kind of group. The relationships and reactions group members have with each other are the driving force in self-growth and self-awareness.

Groups provide an opportunity for members to give as well as to receive feedback about a variety of concerns, both positive and negative. Our perceptions of ourselves and how others see us are not always accurate. Part of the process of feedback is to learn how we are seen by others, how to be more authentic in our encounters/relationships, and then to bring that information into our everyday lives.

As the group develops and becomes comfortable, more authentic relationship styles and personality traits begin to appear. Many times, the relationships that arise in the group can be a reflection of what is happening in the group members’ outside world. This is when self-efficacy is raised through realizations brought about by the group experience.

Self-efficacy refers to one’s belief in his/her ability to accomplish a certain task. For some with substance-use difficulties, this task may simply be to believe that they will be able to quit using. For musicians, this task is complicated by things like the work environment, expectations of the public, and the creative aspect of performing and composing. Musicians need to believe that they can quit using, but they also need to believe they can continue to grow as a person who is a musician while having a life in the performing arts and what being in that atmosphere brings.

Group Substance Abuse Therapy Topics

    • the 12-step process
    • recovery in general
    • dealing with stress/fears
    • spirituality
    • feeling out of place
    • creativity in sobriety
    • relationships with loved ones
    • ego
    • my band drinks
    • relationships with colleagues
    • different styles of recovery
    • I’m sober, now what?

This group substance abuse therapy was created to help musicians in the Northern Colorado area on November 9, 2010 and continues to run strong.

Please contact me through the website with any questions regarding the group, MusiCares®, or other services provided by Rein Therapeutic Counseling and Consulting.


Marty J. Rein, PhD, LPC, CAC III

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